editor - January 2, 2019
Although having a tough attitude with cryptocurrency usage, India’s government encourages the continue experimentation with blockchain technology, which is the platform of cryptocurrency.
editor - December 21, 2018
India’s government is preparing for plans to ban cryptocurrencies. So far, There’s no official source shows what exactly they will do against cryptocurrencies but no doubt that they have to...
admin - August 8, 2018
Currently, Bitcoin, one of the most well-known applications based on blockchain, has attracted great attention, but countries worldwide see this cryptocurrency in different ways, leading to different blockchain regulation in india in specific...
admin - August 7, 2018
After months with activities against digital asset, the regulators of this country finally give crypto investors some hopes by eventually accepting cryptocurrency.
admin - August 7, 2018
India's telecoms is turning to blockchain technology to restrict annoying telemarketing calls and messages.
admin - August 7, 2018
The American tech giant - IBM has partnered with India’s National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL) to publish the 12-week online course named ““Blockchain Architecture Design and Use Cases.”
admin - August 7, 2018
After a month of certainty, according to Quartz, India will study and even consider cryptocurrency as commodity instead of planning to ban it as informed before.
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