admin - August 8, 2018
Being one of the countries with high potential of blockchain technology as well as one of the most vibrant economies in the world, Russia has recently announced its own regulations...
admin - August 8, 2018
Korea has set up a special force to research and develop policies for the management of the cryptocurrency market. A spokesman for the force said that Korea may follow a blockchain...
admin - August 8, 2018
USA, one of the largest nation in the world, has their own rules for navigating blockchain, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
admin - August 8, 2018
Australia’s blockchain regulation specifies that any company that accepts them is technically performing an illegal operation. There have, however, been no arrests or enforcement and transactions are made using cryptocurrencies everyday.
admin - August 8, 2018
Seamless Asia 2018, staged from 3 to 4 May 2018 at the Suntec Convention Centre in Singapore, marked another key milestone going forward to positioning itself as the most important...
admin - August 8, 2018
On December 1, 2017 the National Tax Agency released a statement relating to regulation of blockchain titled “Tax Calculations on Cryptocurrency Investments.”
admin - August 8, 2018
Nicole Nguyen, Head of APAC for IBV, spoke about the acceleration of growth for early stage blockchain based projects and the state of blockchain in Vietnam.
admin - August 8, 2018
Currently, Bitcoin, one of the most well-known applications based on blockchain, has attracted great attention, but countries worldwide see this cryptocurrency in different ways, leading to different blockchain regulation in india in specific...
admin - August 8, 2018
Despite blockchain’s outstanding features, blockchain regulations, a key part of its development, have not been given much attention in many places. Singapore is an exception.
admin - August 8, 2018
Being one of the countries which see the potential of blockchain technology and whose one of the most vibrant economy in Southeast Asia, Malaysia recently has announced regulation on this...
admin - August 8, 2018
In Thailand, blockchain regulation is supervised by key regulators including the Bank of Thailand (BOT), the Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and the Office of the Insurance...
admin - August 7, 2018
Singapore-based crypto-finance startup FUSION has secured US$12.3 bln in financial assets from 3 strategic partners, who will lock those assets on the startups’ public blockchain platform, according to Reuters in...
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