Blurring the Boundaries of Traditional Securities and Crypto

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October 12, 2019

While cryptocurrency and digital assets are on the rise, some visionaries have already seen the endless possibilities for cryptocurrency to play a bigger role in the world economy that may be achieved with more mainstream investment products for investors. Asia Blockchain Review recently spoke to Lương Hoàng Anh, CEO and Founder of Twogap, whose vision is to connect the traditional securities market and the crypto market with its solutions. Lương Hoàng Anh talked about Twogap’s cross-exchange protocol, addressing the issue of low liquidity, the company’s roadmap, and the state of cryptocurrency in Vietnam.

Asia Blockchain Review: Can you tell us about your cross-exchange protocol? Is it correct to understand that you tokenize traditional bonds that are listed in traditional exchanges and distribute them to crypto exchanges?

Lương Hoàng Anh: Twogap focuses on connecting traditional securities exchanges and crypto exchanges. Users can purchase stocks/bonds right on the Twogap platform from their mobile phones using USDT. Our job is to help people access the investment market, anytime, anywhere. A cross-exchange protocol is one of our solutions.


ABR: You have stated that your mission is to “rescue the crypto-market,” which has fallen into the “small-middle size trap.” Can you please elaborate on this statement? What are your thoughts on the current crypto landscape?

LHA: Currently, the crypto market is actually under the control of sharks. In my opinion, the crypto market is truly a game played by these sharks, using tokens and coins as their tools. 

For this reason, the market cannot grow too large. When it reaches a certain scale, there will be a selloff that shrinks the market down to middle size. Therefore, there should be another way out for the crypto market: bringing commodities of traditional securities exchanges to crypto players.


ABR: Low liquidity is one of the issues in today’s crypto market. Twogap has said that it aims to solve this problem by pulling capital flow from traditional security markets. What do you think is the key to enticing investors in legacy markets?

LHA: The balanced rate and liquidity of the traditional market are much higher than in the crypto market. Except for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other “blue-chip” coins, there isn’t much opportunity for liquidity in the crypto market. 

For me, the crypto market seems like a limited pond, and our job, Twogap’s job, is to create a canal that flows from the ocean that is the traditional securities market.

ABR: After the ICO bubble a few years ago, new instruments are emerging such as STOs (Security Token Offerings) and IEOs (Initial Exchange Offerings). Do you think STOs will become a key actor in the crypto market? Will Twogap also offer security tokens as one of its products?

LHA: I think STOs will be the key factor in the crypto market in the near future. STOs have been a ‘hidden fire’ for a long time now, but have yet to explode as a trend. However, the STO has its own standing. For now, there needs to be several STO projects to ignite this trend. In the short term, we have no intention to generate security tokens.


ABR: Twogap has chosen Cosmos as its platform among other open-source blockchains. Is there any specific reason for this?

LHA: We have observed Cosmos since its inception. They share the same vision as us, and the platform is brilliant. That was the reason why we chose them.


ABR: In your roadmap, you illustrated that “Infrastructure Chain with Multi Public Chains + Multi Private Chains + Multi Lightning Networks + Internet + IoT + Cloud + AI to build Hybrid Network” — a very attractive collective architecture. However, it is an undeniably ambitious milestone. Would you share with us the development of this project? What is your ultimate goal for this project?

LHA: This is an ambitious project. Its development has faced many challenges, and we need to continuously adjust our approach. As I said, the main objective is to be the bridge to connecting the traditional securities market and the crypto market.

ABR: The Vietnamese government has been supportive in terms of leveraging blockchain adoption, but their sentiment toward cryptocurrency is not “friendly,” as crypto trading is banned in the country. What is your view of the situation? How does it impact your business?

LHA: In reality, it doesn’t affect us much, as our enterprise is incorporated in Singapore. Nevertheless, we will try our best to support the Vietnamese government in forming a regulatory framework as well as blockchain applications in government.

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