Blockchain Provider Wanchain Announces Partnership with Malaysia’s PUC

Asia Blockchain Review
July 3, 2019

Wanchain, a cross-blockchain solutions provider, recently announced its collaboration with Malaysian e-commerce giant PUC Bhd, with the aim of introducing blockchain enterprise solutions.

As reported by Coinspeaker, PUC’s intended blockchain endeavors will now be handled entirely by Wanchain. Together, both firms plan to introduce blockchain solutions to all PUC businesses, while also keeping pace with new innovations in the sector.

Backing PUC via Blockchain Solutions

Wanchain, which is already dedicated to providing applicable and useful blockchain solutions, would be backing PUC with new ways to grow its business via blockchain.

PUC has so far highlighted three major initiatives through which Wanchain’s solutions can help the firm’s business, namely decentralized credit scoring, tokenization of loyalty points for use in PUC’s ecosystem, and microlending.

Additionally, the partnership will continue seeking more ways to improve PUC’s core business functions through various blockchain solutions. Other possibilities being discussed include the establishment of a decentralized exchange for digital currencies, the creation of a wallet and a related payment system.

The “Go-To” Blockchain for Businesses

Applying blockchain to the group’s functions is also expected to yield substantial benefits in terms of improving overall efficiency and effectiveness, according to Kenneth Hiew, group chief commercial officer for PUC.

Jack Lu, CEO and founder of Wanchain, also suggested more partnerships with traditional institutions would be possible as Wanchain aims to be “the go-to blockchain for businesses looking to take advantage of the uniquely powerful benefits blockchain brings.”

PUC plans to introduce additional consumer-facing products in the near future, with their creation and deployment being aided by blockchain through the use of Wanchain’s solutions.


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