A Huge Investment For All – Naysan Munusamy Explains

Nurul Zamrè

July 23, 2020

Asia Blockchain Review recently caught up with the co-founder of MoneyMatch and the Managing Partner of TH Capital, Naysan Munusamy on the whole spectrum of investments across the world.

As businesses evolve, and opportunities rise up for startups to companies, we are seeing a number of diverse involvement among entrepreneurs.

As a Malaysian based private investment firm with strong South East Asian connections, TH Capital was started to empower and accelerate ventures with capital infusion, strategic mentor ship, business consultancy and strong networking opportunities. 

A Network For All

TH Capital has a unique platform for all which allows a diverse range of portfolio investments across different growth stages. This enhances the level of involvement according to the maturity level of the startups, Naysan added.

The DotCom Bubble or Startups have been a huge topic amongst the communities of technological development, yet; many are still adapting towards the change as a whole.

From Google, Microsoft to Apple, the founders saw a market niche and decided to take a leap of faith in launching the companies, as well as the technology for the communities; to not just focus on what they get out of it; but rather – the overall potential that a simple change can make.

Guidance Are Extraordinary

Blockchain for Capital Investment in SEA

“A startup is an entrepreneurial venture which is typically a newly emerged, fast-growing business that aims to meet a marketplace need by developing or offering an innovative product, process or service.” (PennState University)

When we asked about the assistance being provided in the circle, Naysan mentioned that mentorships and networking opportunities through family investors will allow entrepreneurs to have the space they need to shape their businesses in the early stages of development.

Thus, providing the time and resources they need before anything could be finalized. With the exception of focus, TH Capital’s core verticals are within the range of FinTech, E-Commerce and Internet of Things for now. Forbes further simplified the whole future technology as the new rule for the future as anything can be connected and will be connected.

One only sees the need, when the wants are no longer utilized. As technologies evolve and communities are seeing the rise in the whole future technology, we are also witnessing key individuals like Naysan being a spokesperson for change; due to it being exceptional for the future of the communities.

Blockchain and The Economy

When we asked about the future technology being adopted into the current market trends, Naysan commented that it is without a doubt will be utilized in the next couple of years, however, the commercial viability needs to be present to disrupt and ingratiate into traditional systems.

Blockchain as a distributed ledger technology allows for a centralized system to happen where data of all kinds can be traced, and transparent in the whole ecosystem.

“There is no short circuit for startups”, said Naysan. The life cycle in the economy is a puzzle, but once it is completed, everything makes sense from one point to another.

He further added that the global pandemic that is taking place in the year 2020 now is also a great centre focus on generating real profits as it showcases everyone to go back to the basics and running everything like how it was normally run in the beginning of time, traditionally.

The only difference for that is, we have the virtual connection to stay focussed and run like the usuals whilst building trust with one another.

Success Doesn’t Happen Overnight

Entrepreneurship is a huge idea that many people have started to develop into and understand the basis of, however, it being “new” in the traditional settings of development, staying aligned with what we already can be a drag of time for all. Innovation happens when actions are being done, despite all the talk-no-action moves by some.

“I don’t believe in promoting entrepreneurship, but rather to promote and incentivize innovation” he attests.

Naysan further explained that great amounts of technological developments and innovations have been performed by huge corporations such as Amazon and SpaceX, which showcases the concept of innovations rather than entrepreneurships at large.

Summing up the insightful chat we had with the co-founder of MoneyMatch, he believes in the idea of incorporating innovation into the ecosystem of businesses, organically for all by great leaders across the nation.

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